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CRM, HR & Project Management System in One Platform

Run your office without physically going to your office location, we will provide all the tools you need to do it online.

  • Keep track of all your projects in an organized way. Assign and collaborate tasks to your employees
  • Chat with your team and discuss what matters the most
  • Add company’s employees, track their daily attendance and payroll
  • Communicate with your clients seamlessly. Create invoices and quotations about your products


Automate your Social Media Presence

Tired of opening each one of your Social Media accounts to post a single thing? We provide a tool that will automatedly do the work for you. Schedule it to run hourly, even daily and for weeks. Your customers will think you are always online! 

  • Manage your Facebook Profile/Page, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn Profile/Pages and Twitter in one place
  • Automate your Social Media posts as if you are online. 
  • Schedule pre-recorded videos as live in Facebook in Youtube
  • Auto-pilot your Instagram to like your followers posts.

E-Mail Marketing Made Easy

Whether you’re the business owner or a sales employee, we have powerful tools to simplify on how you create, send and optimize emails.

  • Track your opens, clicks and automatically handle bounces
  • Automatically respond to emails through a marketing automation workflow
  • Easy-to-use and modernized template designer to compose beautiful and powerful messages
  • See insight reports and statistics in real time to analyze what effective message to deliver to your customers


Cloud Workers Are Here For You to Stay

The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing the way many businesses operate. Our team is here to help you transition to keep your business running and adapt to these changes.

Accessible Anywhere

All our platforms works seamlessly on any type of devices: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Customer Support

You can email, chat or call us anytime if you have inquiries and issues about our services.

Hire a Worker

Need a remote worker to do the job for you? Employ a Filipino cloud worker from

Loved by Businesses and Employees

I was hesitant to join because I have no experience in home-based jobs. I heard some bad things about employers not paying after you offered your service. This is the best thing that happened because Cloud Workers provides legit clients through their cloud-based approach.

Jean Santiago

Thanks to Cloud Workers, we founded a team to assist businesses engage in California to engage their neighborhood using a modernized, remote approach.

Nash Ang

Coronavirus pandemic taught human beings a lesson - that it is easier to solve real life problems and challenges with the help of people who may not be physically present at your side. Thanks to Cloud Workers, I moved forward in my business embracing technology at my side.

He Tung

Facing COVID-19 together

Cloud Workers Technology is created to support business owners and employees through this difficult period of pandemic. Our mission is for businesses to be more digitally-minded as they embrace technology while working from home.